What is the initial process for getting a motorized scooter or power wheelchair?

The process for obtaining any type of mobility and/or medical equipment begins with your medical doctor. If your physician feels as though the item(s) could be beneficial to your medical situation, he/she will fax a “referral or script” indicating their desire for us to schedule an evaluation, along with your patient information sheet so that we may contact you, and one recent clinical note. When this information is received in our office, we will contact you and schedule the evaluation.  


Will my insurance pay 100% of the cost of my wheelchair or equipment?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee your insurance will pay 100% of the rental or purchase of your medical equipment.   Prior authorizations must be completed with your primary and/or secondary insurance. We make every attempt to clearly identify any remaining deductibles or co-payments which may be assessed to you prior to ordering and finalizing your equipment.


What is a “normal” time needed to get my wheelchair?

Sadly there is no “normal” turn time to obtain a scooter or wheelchair. The time frame is driven by documentation required by your insurance company, prior authorization process, if required, custom components or custom build.


What are the most important things I should know about keeping my chair in good operating condition?

Please be sure to plug in and fully charge your scooter or power wheelchair every night. The batteries are very costly and do not rebound well once they die.

If your scooter or chair will not be used for an extended period of time please either continue to fully charge the chair weekly or, have the batteries disconnected entirely.


Is there a charge for equipment repair?

We do not charge for repair estimates. A quote will be done for repairs needed and the corresponding labor to complete the repair. If your equipment was provided to you through insurance, a physician’s referral for the specific equipment repair must be submitted prior the repair estimate. (i.e., Wheelchair Repair, Patient Lift Repair, etc.) Repairs may be eligible for reimbursement through the insurance company that authorized and paid for your medical equipment.


Will my insurance help pay for a ramp to get in and out of my home?

We offer a wide range of threshold and portable ramps however these are private pay.

At this time, we are not aware of any private insurance that will help their client with portable, temporary or wooden ramps. There may be resources available in your community to assist, please contact your local United Way for direction.


Do you sell vehicle lifts to transport my wheelchair or scooter?

We do not these items require complex vehicle aspects. We will be happy to refer to local providers.


I live in a two story house, do you sell chair lifts?

No, we do not. Safe and to-code installation of chair lifts require a licensed contractor. We will be happy to provide names of a few local contractors upon request.

We do home modification evaluation/recommendations for changes to entrance, bath and/or kitchen access. These modification consultations while not typically reimbursed by insurance may be paid privately or potentially through alternate local resources.

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