Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center is proud to offer over 25 years’ experience in Driver’s Rehabilitation. Our program has achieved recognition throughout the State of Indiana, as well as Southeastern Illinois and Northwestern Kentucky.

Full time Occupational Therapists/Driver’s Rehabilitation Specialists provide comprehensive driving evaluations. Based on our specialized training in clinical and behind the wheel experience, we can assess whether a client has the ability to return to safe, independent driving or, if intervention is warranted.

driver1Clinical OT Driver’s Evaluation 

  • Physical
  • Perceptual
  • Cognitive
  • Visual Assessment specific to Driving

In-Traffic Driving Assessment
Standard route for objective measurement of functional driving skill.

Specialized OT Driver’s Rehabilitation
Evaluations, recommendations and training for:

  • Vehicle Modifications
  • Adaptive Equipment


Our Driver’s Training Program focuses on compensation and remediation of identified driving deficits.

Recommendations for acquisition of adaptive equipment, training for equipment use and follow up are also offered.

A fully adapted full-size sedan or mini-van, as appropriate, is utilized for evaluations and/or training.

Driver’s Rehabilitation Requirements

  • Current Driver’s License or Learner’s Permit
  • Physician Referral for OT Driver’s Evaluation
  • Patient History or Physician Summary and Diagnoses
  • Rehabilitation Assessment, if applicable

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